The high quality of all our products that would not only meet the expectations of our customers but even exceed them is the paramount objective of our joint-stock company.

The system of quality assurance is an integral part of the pricing policy of the organization and compliance with it is considered a primary commitment of all the employees of the company Turnov Screw Mill a.s.

Strategic quality objectives

  • Each employee is aware of the significance of quality for the company prosperity; he/she is familiar with his/her responsibilities and position in the system of quality assurance.
  • Our activities are in harmony with the requirements of the norm ISO/TS 16949.
  • All our suppliers are capable of delivering supplies exactly according to our needs and requirements.
  • We want to extend and strengthen our position on the domestic and international market by means of integrating the customers´ requirements into the system of quality assurance.
  • In the product range of the tailor-made components we want to take the position equal with the manufacturers of jointing material in the field of car industry.

The following principles apply to our policy:

  • The system of quality assurance is compatible with the norm ISO/TS 16949. The requirements of the norm are governed by technical organizational procedures in the Quality Department.
  • Setting the quality specifications and examining whether the company is able to satisfy the customers´ orders and whether the approved procedures are observed by all the relevant departments.
  • The approved procedure in the system of quality assurance prevents possible discrepancies or, as the case may be, it eliminates their causes and consequences efficiently.
  • The top management of the company undertakes to improve all the processes and activities on a permanent basis.
  • At the beginning of each year the quality policy is always broken down to concrete and measurable quality objectives and these are then approved by the company management.
  • The correctness, efficiency and effectiveness of the system of quality assurance are regularly monitored by the company management.

The main tasks to achieve the quality objectives are as follows:

  • Continuous improvement in all the processes within the company
  • Independence and personal engagement of all the employees
  • High level of responsibility of employees within the system of quality assurance as related to their positions
  • Continuous self-education

Checking devices

  • Durometers HRC and HV, workshop durometers
  • Tearing test device
  • Metallographic laboratory
  • SPC, device for measuring the coefficient of friction, salt spray cabinet, X-Ray

Dlouhodobý cíl

“Always exceed the ever growing customers´ expectations by permanent increase in the quality of all the processes accompanied by growth in productivity, by competitive prices and shortening the time limits.”